Terms & Conditions of Hire

Agreements with the committee of Loweswater Village Hall (“the Village Hall”) for the hire of Loweswater Village Hall or any part thereof (“the Premises”) are subject to these Terms & Conditions of Hire (“the Hire Conditions”).


The Hirer undertakes to ensure he has an understanding of the Hire Conditions for the time being in force


The Hirer undertakes to be present, or arrange for sufficient competent representatives to be present, throughout the hiring to ensure compliance with the provisions and stipulations contained or referred to in the Hire Conditions and any relevant licenses.

  • Ensuring that the number of people using the Premises does not exceed that permitted for the Village Hall under the Premises Licence for the purpose of hire.
    The Premises Licence includes
    • Performance of live music
    • Playing of recorded music
    • Performance of dance
    • Entertainment of a similar description to the above
  • All music must stop at 1am, Monday to Saturday and 10pm on Sundays
  • Marquees only by the consent of the Village Hall Committee and to be erected and taken down by a professional company with relevant insurance cover.
    An additional charge of £150.00 is made for a marquee.
    When using a marquee it is important to take into account time for its errection and removal from site and that sufficient provision for this is included in the booking. It is important in the planning for a marquee that its position is well away from doors/fire exits.
  • The Premises is not licensed to sell Alcohol. A Temporary Event Licence can be applied for at Allerdale Council on 0303 123 1702. Consent must be obtained from the Village Hall Committee before applying. All Bars must be in small function room.
  • Must not contravene the law relating to gaming, betting and lotteries
  • Supervision of the use of the Premises and the care of its fabric and contents. No alterations or additions may be made to the Premises including taking down curtains without prior approval from the Caretaker
  • Ensuring that any electrical appliances brought onto the Premises and used there are certified safe and in good working order, and used in a safe manner, using residual current circuit breakers where appropriate. No Free standing heaters to be used
  • No animals allowed inside the premises except Guide Dogs
  • Ensure that no highly flammable substances are brought into the Premises. No naked flames
  • Ensuring that all equipment, chairs and tables have been returned to their storage positions safely and all lights switched off or as directed by the Caretaker
  • Ensuring that the Premises and Curtilage are left clean and tidy with all rubbish removed at the end of the hire period FIRE REGULATIONS The Hirer shall:
    • Ensure that the emergency exit signs are not obstructed
    • Ensure that the fire brigade is called to any outbreak of fire, however slight, and details given to the Caretaker. There are no public telephones for 4 miles so please ensure a fully charged mobile is available
    • Prior to the start of an event indicate the fire exits and evacuation meeting place to persons attending the event
    • A fire extinguisher must be supplied with and for use in any temporary structure being used on site.
    • The Evacuation Meeting Place is at the Highway end of the Premises USE OF PREMISES
      The Hirer shall not: Use the Premises or allow the Premises to be used for any unlawful purpose or in any unlawful way CAR PARKING Vehicles may be parked at the front and rear of the building, ensure space available for emergency vehicle use CHILDREN & VULNERABLE ADULTS The Hirer shall ensure that any activities at the Premises for children and vulnerable adults comply with current legislation and that only fit and proper persons have access to children or vulnerable adults. If necessary DBS disclosures must be obtained. INDEMNITY The hirer shall indemnify and keep indemnified each of the Committee members of the Village Hall and their volunteers, agents and invites against
    • Against all actions, claims, and costs of proceedings arising from any breach of the Hall Conditions
    • All claims in respect of damages, including damage for loss of property or injury to persons, arising as a result of the use of the Premises (including the storage of equipment) by the Hirer


The Hirer must report all accidents involving injury to the public to the Caretaker as soon as possible after the event and complete the relevant section in Village Hall Accident Book kept in the First Aid box in the small function room cupboard.


The Village Hall accepts no responsibility for any equipment or other property brought onto or left at the Premises. The Village Hall may dispose of any such unclaimed items after 7 days.


The Village Hall reserves the right to cancel a hiring by written or verbal notice to the Hirer in the event of the Premises being required for use as a Parliamentary polling station or referendum or if the Village Hall Committee reasonably consider that the Premises have become unfit for the use intended by the Hirer.

In any such case the Hirer shall be entitled to a refund of any hire fees already paid, but the Committee shall not be liable for any resulting direct or indirect loss or damages whatsoever.


The Hiring Agreement constitutes only to use of the Premises and confers no tenancy or other right of occupation on the Hirer